Multiterrain Services

Multi Terrain Services (MTS)

Explore. Learn. Achieve.

We focus on developing exciting educational tours for student groups, school administrators and public sector officials. You are welcome to participate in any of our standard tour packages across various destinations including Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Egypt, Dubai, UK, USA, France, Rome, and Turkey. We are a truly independent company- small enough to meet your individual requirements, knowledgeable enough to make sure your tour is a success.

We'll be happy to develop an itinerary to fit the exact requirements of your group, including organising a full range of subject-specific excursions.

Each of our student tour packages is designed to provide learning about the people, culture and history of the relevant destination; outdoor adventure and learning activities geared towards self discovery, improved personal effectiveness, teamwork and leadership development; visits to various historical and tourist sites; opportunities to meet with and build friendships with students from other countries; as well as specific learning sessions that are relevant to each group.

For school proprietors, administrators and teachers, we offer packages built around leading education sector international conferences and training programmes.